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Meet Lula!

This is Lula! She is such a wonderful girl. Her daddy (Baba) thinks she is a precious pearl. Her brother, Buso, thinks she is alright. The two of them have fun, and rarely ever fight. They spend a lot of time going here and there. But they never go anywhere without their Teddy Bear.



This is the crew. Take a good look. You can follow their adventures by reading the books. 

Get the first book! It’s called A Splash at Victoria Falls

The Adventures of Lula and Buso

Meet the Boy

Here is Buso!  Lula’s Little Brother

Well, Buso is too much of a joy to ignore. He lights up the room when he runs through the door. Baba is so proud of his little son. Lula thinks her brother is a bundle of fun. As fun as the bear. Learn about him down there.

Join the Adventure

Stories By

This is Orange Bear

What a Lovely Bear

There never was a Teddy like Orange Bear. Never a coat as soft as his hair. Never as huggable. No bear can compare. Never a worry as long as he is there. Yes, the best little bear is little Orange Bear.

Oh, I almost forgot. Orange Bear looks normal. Except he is not . . .

The Man Behind The Kids

Baba is their Daddy

Baba loves to watch his two little children grow. He does all he can to help them grow what they know. He wants them to discover and learn how to live. That is the best gift a father can give. 

Have Fun Reading

Our books about Lula and Buso are great. Whether you’re a few months old, or you’ve turned eighty-eight. Either reading on your own, or being read to, Lula and Buso’s adventures will be splendid for you.

Learn about Africa

Lula and Buso are from Zimbabwe. So the stories you read will, of course, start from there. But the children and their dad and the bear travel wide. Across Africa and the world from this to that side.

Solve Problems

A good story should always give you a thrill. But a great story might also help you build up some skills. Like solving problems and figuring things out. That is what these adventures are really about.

Care about the Environment

The stories will take you to many places. You will get to meet many new faces. You will also learn more about the earth. And how to give it the care it is worth.

Build Relationships

At heart, this is about community. Family, and friends, and good human unity. These stories show bonds that are strong. And think about how we can all get along.  

Connect to History

Stories should give you gifts that will last. Linking the present to things in the past. Helping you see what the future might be. Building your knowledge of your history.

Our Books

The Adventures of Lula & Buso

Victoria Falls

The first adventure happens at Victoria Falls. Or the “Smoke that Thunders,” as it is locally called.

Great Zimbabwe

The ruins at Great Zimbabwe are are amazing to see. See Lula and Buso discover the ruin’s history.

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Orange Bear

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